How Is CBD Extracted?

With CBD extract becoming more and more widespread, many wonder, 'what is CBD extract'? There are several methods used to throughout the CBD extract process from the cannabis plant. Some are more effective than others.

Here’s a quick overview:

Olive Oil Extraction

In this method, hemp flower is heated for about 30 to 60 minutes at 120 degrees celsius. After this, it is heated again, but this time in olive oil. This second step takes about 2 hours at 100 degrees celsius.

It’s a relatively easy and safe way to extract CBD, but it isn’t commonly used by manufacturers.

CO2 Extraction

This method requires special equipment that’s both expensive and hard to use for non-professionals. This method of extraction will be limited to companies.

Carbon dioxide is put under high pressure at a very low temperature, converting the gas into a liquid. This liquid stage is called the supercritical state of CO2. The liquid CO2 is used as a solvent to extract the CBD from the plant. When the CO2 reaches room temperature, it becomes a gas, leaving only the CBD extract. The result is a safe, clean, and potent CBD oil, with no remaining solvents.

Solvent (or Alcohol) Extraction

This extraction method utilizes butanol or ethanol (alcohol) to dissolve CBD in the leaves of the plant, which are mixed with the solvent. In order to evaporate the solvent, it’s heated so it ‘floats’ away.

This process resembles the CO2 extraction method, with the exception of alcohol and chlorophyl being found as a residue in the CBD extract. The oil obtained through this method is less pure and clean than the oil obtained through the CO2 extraction method.