What Exactly Are Hemp Infused Fruit Chews?

If you’re new to hemp, CBD edible gummies are a great place to start. They’re discreet, pre-dosed, easy to use and effective. There are a variety of factors to be mindful of when choosing your go-to source of edibles for wellness support. 

After reading this post, we hope you walk away with more knowledge than you opened this page with and a well-rounded primer to what we believe will be your new favorite way to consume CBD. 

(Spoiler alert: It involves delicious fruit-flavored hemp infused chews.) 


Like us, were you a big fan of eating gummy bears as a kid? As an adult, do you prefer getting nutrients in the form of a gummy fruit chew versus a chalky chewable tablet? If you answered yes to one or both questions, we have a strong feeling CBD edible gummies are the right delivery method for you and can quickly mold into your wellness regimen. 


CBD gummies effects are received orally and processed through the metabolism, slowly delivering a lower concentration of CBD to the bloodstream. Always remember, CBD edibles take a little bit longer to become effective when compared to sublingual tinctures and topicals but they also generally last longer. Time to onset takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes and the effects can last up to 6 hours. 

CBD edible gummies and chews, are pre-dosed, meaning they contain a fixed amount of CBD per serving, so there is no need to measure. Time is our most precious resource and accurate, pre-dosed edibles remove the guessing game out of your daily routine. It’s as simple as popping one or two in your mouth, relishing the flavor and softness and enjoying your day (or night)! 

Overall, edibles are subtle, convenient, easy to use and well-balanced, making them a strong contender among all of the other CBD delivery methods. 


At Healthy Market, we’ve carefully crafted our Hemp Extract Fruit Chews to effectively bring you calm and focus, and they’re truly a favorite among our community of wellness seekers. 

Our Hemp Extract Fruit Chews are vegan and contain only real organic, natural fruit and vegetable juices. We don’t use any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. They are also gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free and pesticide free. We formulated them for those of us with food allergies and sensitivities, as well as a commitment to consuming only natural products that we know will help us reach our full wellness potential and health goals. 

Each delicious orange dream flavored gumdrop contains 10mg of CBD and each jar contains 30 gumdrops. For those looking for support with focus and energy, we suggest taking one chew, which is 10mg of CBD, a day. For those looking for a higher level of calm and relaxation, we suggest taking two chews, which is 20mg of CBD. 

All Healthy Market products, including the Hemp Extract Fruit Chews, are laboratory tested for purity, potency and consistency. Our lab results are available online to show you that we use high quality hemp and our products contain no harmful contaminants - both factors are important in  providing a premium CBD product to you and for you.  

With transparency being one of our key mantras, we also like to let you know on our packaging that our fruit chews contain zero THC. So, when you choose Healthy Market, you will receive the full effect without any risk of the high. 


One of the biggest differences CBD edible gummies have over traditional capsules or tablets is the taste and texture. Our fruit chews feature an all-natural Orange Dream flavor which results in a subtle citrusy-sweet taste. They’re not sour, tart or leave a bitter or undesirable aftertaste like many others. The delicious fruity flavor makes it easy for those with a sweet tooth to enjoy. We made them to provide a well-balanced, delightful and tasty experience so you will want - and remember - to take them regularly. 

Their softness also means they’re easy to chew and swallow. If you don’t like the texture of traditional chewable tablets, fruit chews are a good alternative for you. Chewing has its own benefits too. It helps our bodies absorb the beneficial components faster because they are broken down right away and the contents are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream through the membranes in your mouth.  


We confidently believe that consistently using and/or taking CBD is the best way to reap its benefits so the best CBD gummies are designed to provide you with daily wellness support. Our philosophy: one delectable hemp fruit chew a day will help you reach your known potential in your body, mind and life. 

Expand your wellness routine by visiting our online shop to learn more and purchase your first 30-day supply.